A Cleaner Energy Future

Energy is crucial for our lives, but man-made climate change is real, caused by burning large quantities of hydrocarbons globally. An abundant supply of economic and clean energy is key to the growth and development of each nation, but so is a healthy and clean environment. As a leading gas company, we are committed to supplying a cleaner energy future for millions of people, in which the health and well-being of future generations is the foundation of our efforts. We fully support the Colombian national transition plan, in which the use of natural gas in Colombia is expected to grow by 3-6% annually from 2020 to 2030 and 30% by 20501.

At Canacol, we have a management system to implement, monitor and evaluate activities and procedures to reduce CO2 emissions, promote energy savings and water management, reduce waste, and safeguard biodiversity by protecting ecosystems. 

We have established emission baselines for gases, liquids, solids, and noise.  Each baseline category has a corresponding action plan and budget to significantly reduce emissions in the short and medium-term.  We also target emission reduction opportunities in the social assistance programs we sponsor in our neighboring communities, aligned with our core business. The “Gas Massification” project, aiming to reduce energy poverty and serve societal needs by constructing a local utility gas distribution network to replace firewood with a cleaner and more efficient fuel, is a leading example of this concept.

1) Source: UPME Plan Energético Nacional, February 2020.